Independent Information Source about Kutaisi Public Utilities

posted Feb 12, 2016, 11:10 AM by Kakhaber Kheladze   [ updated Feb 12, 2016, 11:11 AM ]

Existing situation: It is 7 years already that 7 NGOs of Kutaisi are implementing the Independent Monitoring of Kutaisi Public Utilities (Natural Gas Supply, Water Supply and Sewerage Systems, Living spaces, Ecology) on the Coalition principle. These NGOs are:
Imereti Region Scientific-Information Association of Youth “ASA”;
“New Civil Thinking+” ( From 2007);
Kutaisi Branch of Georgian Young Lowers’ Association (GYLA);
Imereti Regional Branch “Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG);
International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) Kutaisi Regional Office.
The main area for the monitoring is Kutaisi; periodically we conduct the monitoring in Imereti Region and gather the information in the whole West Georgia. 
On the basis of the fundamental assessments conducted with the partnership of the Friedrich Ebert Fund we found out that the main difficulties for solving the problems are:
Frequently made reforms;
The low level and possibilities of informing the population;
Low awareness of the population.
The existing situation forces to take care of increasing the awareness and information providing of the customers.
The goal of the Project: Create the Internet Portal on Public Utilities using the assessments and inquiries conducted by us, conclusions made by the experts and professionals and also using the legislative base. 
To reach the Project Goal following activities are needed to be done: 
1. The materials gained during the 10 year intensive work, the results of the inquiry of the public opinion and also the existing legislative base will be placed on our webpage in the internet using the following functional means:
Text information;
Search on site;
Contact form and information
Photo gallery - with the function of linking to the category site (with the possibility of creation the photo-album with unlimited numbers)
Function of downloading the publications;
The Website will also have the additional functions:
Search function – for searching the text materials;
Module of other articles – which will have function under the concrete article to show other articles of the same category;
Facebook channel – the possibility to move from the site to the organization Facebook webpage;
Facebook share – with Facebook webpage share function;
Facebook like
Google analytic – which gives the possibility of detailed analyzes of the activity of the site visitors; counter - where the visitors-customers will be able to see the site rating.
The webpage will be three lingual: Georgian, Russian and English.
The Expected Results of the Project 

The three lingual Internet Portal about the Public Utilities will be created for the first time in West Georgia. In particular it will contain the following fields of the Public Utilities: Water Supply, Natural Gas Supply, Electric Power and Garbage Disposal. The citizens as a customers will be able to get any information interesting for them about any field of the Public Utilities; there will the possibilities of solving the problems and also the legislative norms and frames. The main result of the project is increasing the possibilities for the population for raising the awareness and getting the information regarding the Public Utilities. 

Project Innovation and Sustainability

The project is innovative for Kutaisi, Imerety and for the whole West Georgia, as far as there is no Internet Portal regarding the Public Utilities separately. 
The method of getting the information online about the fields of Public Utilities is innovative itself. 
The Project is sustainable as after finishing the Project funds actuality of the portal will not be reduced. In case of legislation changes we will administrate it on the site and make the relevant changes there which will prolong the effectiveness and sustainability of the Project