2006 Year Publications

2006 Year
In 2006 we finished the second part of the Project “Eco Migrants, the Government and us” funded by the World Bank Small Grant Program. The project did not consider publishing the printing materials, as it considered only survey of 11 Districts, assessing and studding the existing situation in the zones of natural disaster and introducing the results of the survey to Imereti Non-Government Organizations. 

So only three articles were published in the frame of the above mentioned Project:
  1. The article: “Situation of Eco Migrants are discussed, assistance is provided to the victims” –newspaper “Sarkmeli Sakartvelosi” (The Window of Georgia), July, 2005.
  2. The article: “A Big Trouble of a Small Ajara” – Newspaper “Imeretis Mtavari Gazeti” (Main Newspaper inImereti), March 8, 2004.
  3. The article: “A Shack for Eco Migrants” – Newspaper ““Imeretis Mtavari Gazeti” (Main Newspaper in Imereti), 2005.